EUR/USD is currently hovering just below the 1.0900 mark, and analysts at ING have shared their insights on the pair’s future direction.

This week, the focus will primarily be on events unfolding in the US, although developments from the Eurozone’s calendar should be considered. Today, the final February CPI figures are expected to align with expectations, while Tuesday’s ZEW survey results will shed light on the state of the German economy. Additionally, Thursday’s PMI data could provide further guidance for EUR/USD movement heading into the weekend, especially following the digestion of the FOMC meeting.

Furthermore, several key figures from the European Central Bank, including President Christine Lagarde, are scheduled to speak throughout the week.

According to ING, EUR/USD may experience downward pressure leading to the FOMC meeting. However, they anticipate that the pair could remain within the range of 1.0850 to 1.0900 by the end of the week.

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