The Livestock Department urged people of rural areas to rear animals instead of moving to cities to earn a livelihood as it was a highly profitable business.

Deputy Director of the Livestock Department stated, Dr. Jamshaid Akhtar while addressing “Kissan Livestock Baithak” at village Khakhi in tehsil Jalalpur Pirwala.

He motivated the Livestock breeders to rear animals. He added that rearing cattle would help farmers economically and strengthen the country’s economy.

“Livestock had 14% share in GDP, he hinted. The farmers can enhance their profit by rearing high-yielding breeds.” “Rather than leaving your home and village to find employment in cities, it is better to stay in your village and make livestock business as a livelihood,” said Dr. Jamshaid.

“Women can also earn income by rearing poultry and sheep. The Livestock Department provides animal and poultry traders free technical assistance and vaccination facilities,” said Deputy Director.

“About 70 percent of the local populace in south Punjab is linked to the livestock sector. Beyond managing daily sustenance, livestock serves as a financial lifeline during unforeseen emergencies that can be cashed in at any moment,” said Dr Jamshid Akhter.

“The country is ranked as the fifth-largest milk-producing nation globally. This potential can be improved further by investing in animal genetics, where the quality of semen plays a pivotal role in enhancing animal health and, consequently, milk and meat production,” stated Jamshaid. “On the national scale, approximately eight million individuals are engaged in cattle rearing.”

On the occasion, Muhammad Iqbal Khakhi, a motivated cattle farmer, said he started cattle farming a few months ago after noticing potential in this field. He stated that he was rearing over 50 cows, a highly profitable business. He also urged other farmers to invest in cattle farming.

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