Welcome! Today, we’re updating our Elliott Wave analysis on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), focusing on V300AEQ ETF UNITS – VAS. Our analysis indicates that VAS could continue its upward trajectory, potentially reaching a target of 100.51, presenting an enticing opportunity.

ASX: V300AEQ ETF Units – VAS Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

  • Trend: Major trend (Minute degree, green).
  • Pattern: Impulse.
  • Current Position: Wave iii-blue of Wave (iii)-purple of Wave ((iii))-green.

Here are the key details:

  • Short-term Outlook: We anticipate Wave ((v))-green to drive prices higher, comprising waves (i) and (ii)-purple, followed by waves (i) and (ii)-blue. The immediate target is around 100.51, with a crucial support level of 94.98.

Invalidation Point: 92.52.

ASX: V300AEQ ETF Units – VAS Elliott Wave Technical Analysis (One-Day Chart)

  • Trend: Major trend (Minuette degree, purple).
  • Pattern: Impulse wave.
  • Current Position: Wave iii-blue of Wave (iii)-purple.

Key Points:

  • Short-term Outlook: We’ve observed the completion of wave ii-blue, with wave iii-blue now unfolding towards the upside, targeting 100.51. Sustaining a price above 96.20 would reinforce this bullish outlook.

Invalidation Point: 94.98.


Our analysis aims to provide valuable insights into current market trends and actionable strategies for ASX: V300AEQ ETF UNITS – VAS. We offer specific price levels as validation or invalidation signals, bolstering confidence in our analysis. By combining these factors, we strive to offer readers a professional and objective perspective on market trends.

ASX: V300AEQ ETF units – VAS Elliott Wave technical analysis [Video]

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